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I'm Alex Ferry

Hello. I’m Alex Ferry.

I love content. Audio, video, text, all of it. Here at ImAFerry.com i strive to bring content to you. I enjoy creating content just as much as I enjoy consuming content. Throughout the website you can find various forms of content from various contributors. Find a current running podcast or blog to keep up with and enjoy!

Are you interested in creating content too? Browse my portfolio and see if you think we’d be compatible collaborators! I have worked in everything from the design of this particular website to the production of a serial video series. For more exact information on my skills and experience, check out my resume located on the far side of the home menu.


A little more about me, Alex Ferry, personally. I started becoming enthralled with content in 1997 at the age of 9 when I first saw Star Wars. I had the pleasure of seeing Star Wars for the first time on the big screen. How lucky was I! I had always had my head in the clouds, but after I had been enchanted by a galaxy far far away I lassoed my imagination and started learning how to turn my imagination into reality.

In 2000, I created my first web page. Good ‘ole Angelfire. That was my first attempt at distributing content and actually it wasn’t bad. I should’ve stuck with designing HTML then and I’d be sitting pretty these days!

In my sophomore year of high school I completed my first screenplay. Now, it was nothing special (and frankly you won’t find it anywhere here do to embarrassment) but it was my first real step in creating content.

Two years later, within a year of heading off to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee for film studies, I was introduced to podcasts and I fell in love again.

Best Boys Radio LogoJump forward another five years to 2010. After the confusing late teens and early twenties, I found my way back to a way I really wanted to live my life: creating content. I had had enough of cooking and running restaurants and started writing again. I had a voice and I had things to say so in the backend of 2010 I launched a podcast called Best Boys Radio. Along with David Renier and Patrick Meyer we sat down weekly to talk about film and movie-happenings. We did this for two years, recording over 50 hours of radio.

As the show broke up and its hosts went their separate ways, I found myself wanting more. I moved in to the local community college, determined to have myself “properly” educated (seriously, everything you need to know is out there for free! Go to the library!) in the arts of media and web design, wanting to make my way in the web-based media.

Here I am today, cozied up on my own website producing and creating all the content I can. Enjoy it!