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Friends of IAFP

Friends of I’m Alex Ferry Productions

I’m not the only one getting things done over here. I can’t be. There’s a whole lot of people that go into creating content. Here are the other players in the game here.

David Renierdavid-av

David is one of the original founders of Best Boys Radio. Actually, the show came about by David and I discussing this idea for a game where we pick people we think are going to die… The rest is history! A resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dave works in manufacturing developing for Merck Pharmaceuticals. He spends his days doing…. whatever, and his nights keeping up on Game of Thrones for Throne Thread, which he also created.


Austin Oettinger

You’ve heard him on Big Football Sundays. Now, Austin brings his expertise as a movie mogul to Best Boys Radio. Austin, better known as Bebe (look at him! He looks like a bebe! Come’ere bebe! I’m gonna eat ya!), works for the local theater which offers him the opportunity to see flicks he wouldn’t normally find himself at.

Brandon Oettingerbrandon-av

No, you read that right. They’re brothers. You can find Brandon’s words of wisdom in his article Straight Up. Brandon likes sports. And he likes to talk. When he combines talking and sports, well, we’ve got article! You can also catch him during the football season in the round-table talk show Big Football Sundays.


Bryan Baye

Web talk for the web and by this guy! A web developer and podcast personality, Bryan is the host of Inspect Element.


Jay Allen

Jay is a web designer and developer and an audio engineer. In addition to his skills, Jay is the producer of the podcast Inspect Element.