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Written Copy

As a content producer, I have various blogs on this site. Big Football Sundays and TVR are just a few examples. In addition to the IAFP writing, I also produce blogs and press releases for local companies listed.

Big Football Sundays
Throne Thread
Blog | Ephraim Shores
Blog |ARMS
Blog | IEI
Blog | KiarMedia


Keglers is a half-hour sitcom-style show. I have developed it from the ground up. Here is a complete portfolio on the pilot from script to shooting schedule.

Keglers – Pilot (Third Draft)
Script Breakdown
Budget Sheet
Shot List

IndieGoGo Rewards
IndieGoGo Crowd Sourcing Video


Destiny is a feature-length story. It is a suspenseful political thriller. Here is the first ten pages.

Destiny Script