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Web Design

Web design has been a hobby of mine since I was just a young lad, manipulating table layouts when I was 10 years old back in 1999. Now that I’ve finished a formal education in the field I’ve taken up commercial designing. As a web designer in Green Bay, there are many opportunities to hone and expand my skills. Green Bay and the greater Northeast Wisconsin area are in need of quality, engaged web developers to make sure sites are optimized properly and designed responsively, not just for desktop browsers but for mobile and 4k devices as well.

Alex Ferry is currently taking on freelance web design jobs in Green Bay and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with me!

WordPress Development

WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) of the Internet, powering nearly 20% of all websites. Developing customized WordPress themes is vital for those who want to manage their own content.


ephraim-full ephraim-mobile

Merit Dental

Merit Dental and it’s affiliates support over 190 dental offices across the country. We worked to create sites that would promote brand recognition no matter what part of the country you were in as well as streamline the user to conversion with a rather intricate UI.

merit-full merit-mobile


Al Dorn Construction

This site came to me via referral. The company was ready to enter the era of the Internet, but was not really sure what they wanted to do. Every step of the way we discussed and modified design and content to best fit the style and the message of the company. Additionally, we used the WordPress content management system as a base for the website so the company could easily update their content as time went by without a webmaster.


adc_full adc_mobile

Stellar Express

I designed a set of three web sites for a multi-corporation trucking company. These sites were constructed using pure HTML5 and CSS3. I also used PHP for the applications and forms. This is one of them. The first picture is the desktop version, followed by the mobile version.


Stellar-Full Stellar-Mobile

Inspect Element

Inspect Element is one of the podcast hosted on this site. In addition, I created an individual web site for it to be one day hosted on. It is not currently live, but images of the template can be seen below.

inspectElement-full inspectElement-mobile

Responsive Design

Is your site mobile-friendly? It better be! These days, clients and potential customers want to be able to access your content on the fly. Not only that but search engines like Google will even penalize your web site for not being mobile friendly. Not to worry, updating your website for mobile devices is possible! Here’s an example of a site I updated for a mobile format


nielsoncomm-full nielson-mobile



tufco-full tufco-mobile

I’m Alex Ferry Productions

And of course, I run my own site. I’m Alex Ferry Productions is hosted at www.imaferry.com is run on WordPress. After using a pre-built theme for the last year I have finally personalized the home of my content. The first picture is the desktop version, followed by the mobile version.

imaferry2015-full imaferry2015-mobile