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Alex… I’m sad.  Jonathan Pryce has essentially become a pawn.  I am hoping he has a deeper plan in this than to just side with Cersei even if in the short term it goes along with his cause.  His character seems smart enough to realize she is playing him.  And I find myself ironically siding with the brother keepers and other “sinners” than nobler than noble Sparrows.  Even without Cersei they just seem to be annoying and I don’t seem them being a long term threat.  As soon as someone is able to control the Kingsguard they will be presumably be out of the picture.  At this point I am hoping the Tyrells can somehow be the ones that are, but I suspect Jamie will be out of Dorne soon and then they have no chance at the Kingsguard.

Baelish is back in King’s Landing.  He has reavelaed at least a bit more of his master plan, but is this all of it?  I can’t quite tell.  I don’t know how he would have known that Jamie would not be in King’s Landing to lead the follow up attack on Winterfell.  My other thought is King’s Landing might go into some sort of civil battle between the Tyrells and the Lannisters.  In which case that allows Baelish to take the Vale army right into King’s Landing or Winterfell, but I don’t have all the details mapped out for that train of thought.

I feel like my suspicions of Sansa, Theon (and Brienne possibly) of teaming up have all been but confirmed at this point.  Since the last few minutes were the only thing to happen north of Braavos (including nothing from The Wall) this episode I don’t think there is else much to say other than that final scene is one of the most bone chilling scenes we have gotten in quite a while.  Whether you have liked Sansa at all or not you really feel for her.

We finally also get to learn a bit more about the faceless men!  So the assumption at this point is the dead bodies are all the faces seen in crypt.  So they are the faces as “models” and get really good at lying; so good in fact that they can convince others that they are someone else, not just though their words but through their appearance as well.  Is that the conclusion you came up with?  I don’t think Arya is quite ready to even become someone else.  I have to believe that the Jaqen knows she didn’t ditch her sword.

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Well Jaqen said straight out, “You’re not ready to become nobody, but you’re ready to become someone else.” Whether he knows about the sword or not, he knows Arya and Arya is never going to completely disconnect with herself. Not when she’s been 100% driven by vengeance for the last few years. I see the faceless men as the opposite of that. They’re the men of a billion dead face masks! I think they’re Buffalo Bill-ing (2:30 mark) these dead people! That’s kind of what I thought was happening after they started taking away dead bodies though.

I was actually really upset with the Arya scenes this week. They were good, full scenes but they ended at the halfway point. It was really weird pace-wise. This whole season has been weird for pace. Every episode they’re checking in with 5+ story lines. It’s way too much and it’s taking away from the gravitas that many of these characters hold.

I do love our one-off scene with Jamie and Bronn though. Really awesomely choreographed fight scene that deserved more than a pun in your thread title. Also, there were some pretty huge implications here (along with everything else in this episode) Jamie sees that all is not the horror he was expecting in Dorne. Doran seems like a very logical individual and I think once we get him and Jamie in a room together (especially with the daughters of Oberon being morons), we could see a very strong partnership brewing and heading back to King’s Landing.

So back to King’s Landing. Wow. I guess it’s been way too long since I saw Baelish betray Eddard that I had mostly forgotten about it. Somehow I did not see this coming from Baelish. How could I not thought? He’s holding so many pieces to the game and this buys hims so much more time AND the winning side no matter what comes next. He is truly in one hell of a position of power right now. He’s the Emperor pitting the clones and the droids against each other.

This brings us to Sansa. Geeze, man. Do we really need to keep putting Sansa through more and more? You’re right though. Excuse my second Star Wars reference in as many paragraphs but I really thought Theon was going to go Vader from the end of Jedi and take out Ramsey then and there. I think we can all agree that Ramsey isn’t making it out of the season though. He’s surrounded himself with enemies.

Seriously though. The way Theon looks on at the rape is literally straight out of Star Wars.

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Baelish really is the biggest wildcard.  I’ve almost decided to not try and figure out his next move because I know he will find a way to surprise me.  But that also makes him one of the most intriguing figures in the realm.  Although he still isn’t in my tier 1 list of “Potential Rulers”.   He still at this point is a bit of dark horse.  Can his cleverness really be enough to carry him forward?  He is fighting an uphill battle at this point.

I’m not sure if I can say the whole season has been poorly paced but the Arya story line has for sure.  This was really the first glimpse of anything interesting from her all season.  I’m mean.. she has been sweeping for weeks (spoken true of someone who has never had to have a job before in her life…)!  This is the first season I have watched concurrently with broadcasting which has really allowed me to absorb the story much more in depth.  But we have always had to internally carry many arcs.  I almost find it easier now partially due to the fact that I don’t think any more of the major players need to be introduced; at least in the short term.  But the ability to reflect has made me consider doing this to more great episodic shows (such as House of Cards), but I doubt I would have the disciple.  I’m treading into fertile cultural waters right now and I know this is something we have discusses in the past so I will digress.

Doran will definitely side with Jamie, which is why I didn’t touch much on the topic.  They both were basically doing the same thing just without the other’s awareness.  But this whole trip seems to be more of a fool’s errand at this point.  Did Cersei really care about her daughter or was she just trying to get Jamie out of King’s Landing to make the Kingsguard acquiesce?  They don’t really go into the past relationships at all but I assumed that we were always more worried about Ellaria.  This was about the only story line this episode that played out almost exactly how I expected.

Ramsey seems to be the replacement for Joffrey at this point.  He is the one person (outside a revisionists point of view) whom we can all agree on hating.  That leads me to believe that we won’t see him leaving anytime soon.  We really do need someone like that on this show.  And we are too emotionally invested in pretty much anyone else to create such a universal hatred towards another character.  At this point I kind of want to make a hedging statement in case I am wrong but I am going to suck it up and acknowledge my potential blunder instead with this meta-statement.

It’s looking more and more like we may have several battles to end the season.  That kind of disappoints me a bit since I feel like we are basically ready at this point for them to happen (at least in Winterfell we are)

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How cool would it be though if Baelish sacked King’s Landing when things start up in Winterfell? Actually, now that I think about it that scenario reaching Jamie and Doran would really be cause for Jamie to come home with an army!

Bringing things full circle to the High Sparrow. I told you religion was going to become a driving force sooner rather than later in this world. However, I didn’t see this being the way it was going to go. Seriously, how do the Tyrells legitimize some stupid court outside the law? They just go, “Okay, religious fanatics. We’ll let you try us and maybe afterwards you can take a bath.” That whole seen puzzled me. And of course Johnathan Pryce is a pawn! A pawn with power though. I guess more of a puppet than a pawn. At least hes not as bad as he was in that one James Bond film. Still, I find this religious sect to be no more than a nuisance. Unless the writers have something up their sleeves to take this in a grander direction, I see this to only be a stall for things in King’s Landing while the other players get set in the game (….of thrones).